Art Events & Show Previews

Our Show Previews and Auction Previews offer in-depth coverage of the top art events happening in the West and beyond. Each month, the editors zero in on some of the most important openings, invitationals, exhibitions, auctions, fairs, festivals, and more around the country. We offer substantial information about each event, along with plenty of big, beautiful images of works that are in the show. Click on the links below to get great information on every event we’ve covered.

Steve Kestrel, Aurochs Echoes, bronze, 32 x 27 x 20.

Show Preview | Westering

In a can’t-miss show opening this month at Gerald Peters Gallery, five artists at the top of their game capture the old and new American West as they explore western themes and myths in their signature styles and mediums.
Kim Lordier, Alone Lies the Way, pastel, 20 x 24.

Show Preview | Kim Lordier

In her latest collection of paintings, on view this month at James J. Rieser Fine Art, Northern California pastelist Kim Lordier has noticed a distinct evolution in her technique and creative perspective.
Melinda K. Hall, Oh! Poblano, oil, 8 x 8.

Show Preview | Melinda K. Hall

The show features about 20 pieces that depict wildlife, food, clothing, history, and more. Melinda K. Hall is dedicated to understanding the world of New Mexico, and she conducted extensive research regarding each individual subject.
John Nieto, Apache, acrylic, 20 x 16.

Show Preview | John Nieto

The gallery is filled with new paintings from acclaimed New Mexico artist John Nieto, who scales the heights of Cubism in a special tribute to the great Pablo Picasso.
Jim Eppler, Rattlesnake, bronze, 15 x 8 x 12.

Show Preview | Eppler & Baum

Some of Mother Nature’s finest offerings are on display this month at Manitou Galleries on Canyon Road, where new wildlife sculptures and oil paintings by artist and nature lover Jim Eppler take the spotlight.
Don Oelze, Unfavorable Odds, oil, 30 x 48.

Show Preview | Oelze & Roberts

Two Artist Focus shows at Legacy Gallery in Jackson, WY, this month invite viewers to travel back in time to the wild, pristine landscapes and riveting narratives that defined the American frontier during the 19th century.
Star Liana York, Cowgirls, bronze, 17 x 14 x 12.

Show Preview | Star Liana York

This month the award-winning artist pays tribute to cowboys and cowgirls in a solo show at Sorrel Sky Gallery in Santa Fe, NM, where more than 10 new and rereleased bronze sculptures are on view.